5T0WP nighttime operation on 80m !


Everybody advises strongly against wild camping in Mauretania.  But we did not have much of an option as we found out 100 km past the border (where we spent 6 hours)  that the handling agent had forgotten to return our passports.  In order to avoid more hassling in returning these to us via intermediary persons on the Senegales car convoy, we decided to return ourself, wasting 30 liters of costly fuel and two hours of costly time.  So we ended up at te same place with no campuing spot around. So we parked in the desert (see picture) next to the police checkpoint.  During the evening I made grate contacts on 20m with VK Australia a nd during nighttime on 80m with several European and American stations, all very happy with this very rare activity from 5T0WP Mauretania.

(this article was fastly written and not edited at all from our Nouakchott lodge)

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